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Services: Custom Candle Making, Photo Note Cards, Photography Prints, Laurel Hill Naturals Soap

Baby Shower Favors:  I am always creating new options to bring that special touch to the baby shower.  Whether you are able to spend $3 per person or $10 each for game prize candles I'll work with you to customize to match your theme.  Some that we have done so far include "Oh the Places You'll Go - Hot Air Balloon Theme, Elephants, Prince and Princess Twin Theme, Tea Light Stacks where the customer has added their own tags, Teddy Bear Crock and Tea Light stacks, and more.  The options are endless.  


Bridal Shower Favors:  There are so many beautiful containers out there just waiting to be the perfect candle to give as your favors.  One of the best things about soy wax is the ease of cleaning out after the candle is finished.  Hot Soapy Water does the trick and the beautiful container remains as a reminder of your special event.


Wedding Favors:  We have found punch cups to be just delightful as wedding favors.  Utilizing either gel or soy wax the effect is stunning.  We'll work together to match your wedding colors and create a beautiful tag if you like...or keep your costs down and create your own tags.  It is your special day.  I'm always honored to be trusted with a piece of it.


Home Decor:  I'm always on the lookout for unique and beautiful containers to pour candles in.  Whether a large bowl or a vintage pitcher, I'll determine the integrity of the container to withstand the heat of the candle and if it is a winner it shows up in the shop.  I've also been challenged to create custom centerpieces and have been delighted to get great feedback such as this:

 "Oh-h-h this is so pretty! It is unique, but still classic in design, Becky has surpassed my expectations with this custom order centerpiece - thank you!!" Gladys


Photo Note Cards:  As a long time blogger my love for photography has grown.  I can frequently be found strolling through gardens and coming close up with the amazing designs in flowers, trees and plants.  My number one seller, though, is the Oliver Note Card.  He is a star.  While Ollie comes inside and goes outdoors at will he loves it best when we come to his outdoor domain.  I was hanging laundry and he was playing in the dogwood tree when I snapped his photo.


Photo Prints:  The newest addition to our offerings.  Keep an eye out for this ever expanding line.  Want one of these photos, or one of your photos on a candle label?  Let's chat.  I love creating custom orders.


Fund Raisers:  One of my biggest joys is assisting worthwhile organizations raise money.  I work with sports programs, animal shelters, school groups, memorial funds and more.  If you are a non-profit and need to raise money I would be delighted to work with you.  I have a proven system that is simple and provides you with a finished product bagged and ready for delivery.


Wholesale/Retail:  Contact me for wholesale pricing or to become a distributor of Good Neighbors Candles/Cards.


Laurel Hill Naturals:  For a few years I have wanted to have soaps to match my candle line.  I've found a soap maker who was willing to work with my fragrance oils.  John and I worked together for months to come up with the right blends and fragrance loads.  I think you will love these great sudsing natural soaps. 


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